Every 9 Minutes, A Memoir - Christina Vitagliano

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After 30 years of silence, I put my secret on paper. Now, 20 years later, I had the guts to publish it.

Every 9 Minutes: A Memoir is a touching and heart-breaking memoir that grapples with themes of childhood abuse and trauma. With artful prose and a stark, gritty look at the harrowing realities of abuse, this book follows the story of author Christina Vitagliano as she struggles with of dysfunctional relationships, physical abuse, and the soul-crushing torment of sexual exploitation.

Blending the innocent charm of typical growing-up memories with the dark reality that lurked just beyond, this eye-opening book will touch the hearts and minds of readers, exposing the truth behind abuse and the lasting pain that it leaves behind. But this book is also a testament to perseverance, revealing how Christina channelled her pain to retake control of her life and emerge triumphant over even her darkest moments.

Told with honesty, openness, and incredible clarity, Every 9 Minutes is perfect for anyone who has suffered from childhood abuse, as well as anybody who wants to gain a deeper understanding of how to help victims and empower them to create a new life of meaning, happiness, and emotional healing.


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